General FAQ

This page offers general FAQ answers to questions not found on our topical FAQ pages.  

How can I file a sales tax exempt form?

Rustic Grace pays sales tax for you. Filing a sales tax exempt form is not needed. 

Once I place an order, how long will it take to receive it?

We strive to complete orders as quickly as possible. Our production times vary, in the spirit of transparency, you can always find updated turnaround time information in the hot pink banner at the top of our website. 

What is I need to change something on my order or customization transfer?

We have streamlined our process in production so that as soon as your order has been submitted it runs automatically through the design center and is put in the que for print production. Therefore, we cannot change your order in any way whether that be quantities or customization options. Please make sure you double-check your order before pressing the submit order button. 

Do you offer wholesale pricing?

We pride ourselves in offering transfers at wholesale pricing to the public. 

Do you have any first-time customer discount codes? 

As a company that offers business supplies, we do not offer the same first-time customer discount codes that luxury item companies offer. We do, however, offer free shipping on transfer orders over $100. 

How does your Loyalty Points Program work? 

Customers will earn 5 points for every $1 spent at Customers earn $5.00 off for every 750 points redeemed for a reward with a minimum of $25 purchase. Please be sure to log into your account prior to checkout. Points can not be retro applied to an account after purchase as a guest and points can not be combined across multiple customer accounts. 

To turn points into a reward, you will need to log into the rewards panel on our website by logging into your customer account. Once you're logged in, open the rewards panel. Click 'Ways To Redeem'. If you have enough points for a fixed amount reward, there will be a redeem button. To redeem your points on incremental rewards, use the points slider to select the amount of points you would like to spend, then click 'Redeem'. Upon clicking redeem, you will be taken to a page that shows the coupon code with a button to 'Apply Code' which will automatically apply that coupon code to the checkout. The code will also be stored in their rewards panel under the 'Your Rewards' section at the bottom.

My colors are slightly different from my last batch of transfers?

Rustic Grace from time to time will change inks or printers this can cause a shift in colors. They will not always look exactly the same. As technology changes we try to keep up with the latest technology for printing transfers. We always suggest to our customers to make sure you order as much as you need in one batch if you are concerned about exact color matching. 

Colors are different from the mockup?

Colors will differ from a computer generated image. Mockups are a sample but the coloring will differ from what shows on a computer vs once actually printed. Computers and printers show colors in different RGB codes. If you are concerned about coloring our suggestion is to purchase one transfer and make sure that color is the color, you need for your tshirt. As long as the transfer is printed in the same color code as the design, we will not redo or replace transfers.

Can I use your mock up images? 

You are welcome to utilize our readily available mock up images to gauge interest from your customers. We do, however, recommend you create your own mock up images with your pressed transfers to set your products apart from everyone else as well as prevent your customers from reverse searching the image and sourcing your supplier for themselves. 

 What printer/software/vinyl do you use?

We use commercial-grade equipment here at Rustic Grace, but we do not share proprietary information with our customers.