Are my transfers made easy to peel? 

Yes. In an effort to make application as easy as possible, Rustic Grace keeps all stocked materials, materials in production, and packaged materials in a climate controlled environment at all times. Every transfer is pressure squeegeed to the masking material during production. Most every order is printed from the same printer with the same roll of climate controlled vinyl and masked with the same roll of climate controlled mask by the same production team member.

What happens to my transfers during transit?

During transit, materials are subjected to a variety of climates. From semi trucks, to carrier trucks, from distribution centers to local offices and across state lines, your package travels through a wide range of climates before reaching you. This, unfortunately, is out of our control. Heat in excess of 75 degrees Fahrenheit and excess humidity will cause adhesive to start activating. This causes the masking to loosen it's hold on the vinyl which results in the vinyl to prematurely fall off the carrier and stick to the backing. This doesn't always happen, but we do see an upward trend of peeling issues during the grey area between seasons, winter-spring, etc. 

Why do I need to acclimate my transfers? 

Acclimating your transfers to the climate of your home office/shop for 24-48 hours will help 'settle' your material and give you the best scenario for peeling them for application after their subjective changes during transit. 

I've acclimated my transfers and it's still sticking to the backing. How can I get it to stick to the mask? 

Transfers can be placed inside a traditional fridge or freezer for 5-10 minutes and then you can rub the back side of your transfer before a secondary attempt is made at peeling. 

I’m having trouble peeling my transfers. Can you help?

Please note, a transfer is not faulty or defective because it is displaying the effects of temperature and humidity variations. If you are still struggling to get your transfer peeled, after acclimating, you can follow the following steps: 

-Lay your transfer face down and squeegee or rub the back side of your transfer.   Applied pressure is beneficial. 

-Peel slowly from the top corner down. 

-If a piece of vinyl starts to lift by sticking to the backing, lay your transfer face down on your work surface. Rub the back again in that specific place, then, slowly begin to peel while applying pressure on the back side of the transfer along the edge of the vinyl portion that is lifting. 

-Roll the backing backwards as you hold the vinyl to the mask. 

-Slowly repeat the above process as you work across your entire transfer piece.  

You may also watch our troubleshooting video here: