Shipping FAQ

Where will my package originate from? 

We have 2 locations in Texas and Pennsylvania.

What are my shipping carrier options? 

Our website is auto shipped via the United States Postal Service (USPS). If you would like your package shipped via United Parcel Service (UPS),we have now added those options to choose at checkout.

Can I request overnight shipping?

Yes when you checkout there is an option for overnight shipping. This is for when your order has gone through the turnaround time and then is ready to ship. This does not change our turnaround time.

How is my shipping calculated? 

Shipping cost is calculated using the preferred carrier, shipping class, package weight, and distance to travel rates for that specific carrier option as well as our CODB (cost of doing business) which includes but is not limited to supplies used and personnel expenses. Shipping rates are not up charged for profit. 

Do you ever offer shipping discount codes or free shipping?

We offer free shipping on transfer orders $100+. This is auto configured during checkout. The subtotal must equate to $100 of transfers to qualify this does not include tax or shipping.


What is Route shipping insurance? 

Route is a third-party shipping insurance provider. This option is automatically added to your cart prior to checkout. It can be manually denied during the checkout process. It is added to your cart as well as check marked at the bottom where it says Route Shipping "Insures Lost, Stolen or Damage packages." 

Route package protection covers items deemed to be "stuck" in transit, "delivered" but not received, or damaged during transit. We recommend taking advantage of this option in addition to any USPS insurance included in your shipping class as we are not responsible for delayed, lost, delivered but not located or damaged packages once the package leaves our facility.

What are my transfers shipped in? 

To maintain the integrity of our transfers, your order will be shipped in a rigid cardboard mailer or box. They will come in a roll of transfers so you can cut and apply as you please. The rainbow trim on the edge can easily be peeled off.

When are my transfers shipped? 

Our current turnaround time can be found in the pink banner at the top of our website. This is the time frame from your order placement to your order departure from our office. This does not include delivery time. This time is calculated in business days. Business days are Monday through Friday and do not include weekends. 

Within this turnaround time, your order production will be completed, your package weighed, and your shipping label printed. Your order is marked fulfilled and your shipping confirmation is sent automatically to the email address or cell phone number provided during checkout when your shipping label has been printed. At the end of each business day (Monday-Friday, 8:00 am - 5:00 pm), all of our packages for that day are gathered and a pick up scheduled by our local post office the next morning. Orders on Friday afternoons are hand delivered to our local post office and physically placed inside the overnight drop bin located inside the facility by our shipping department manager. We do not print labels and hold packages in our warehouse. UPS packages are hand delivered each day to our local UPS office in the same manner. 

How do I track my transfer package? 

When your shipping label is printed, a shipping confirmation will be sent automatically to the email address or cell phone number provided during checkout. This will contain your tracking link. Please note that oftentimes these emails will be sent to your ‘spam’ folder. 

My package was not delivered on time. Can I return my transfers or get a refund? 

As most of our customers are business owners, we understand that you place an order for materials to make things for your customers on a deadline. This is why we remain transparent regarding our turnaround time. There are often unforeseen circumstances such as delays with the courier, products arriving damaged during shipping or we may even make a mistake on an order. We do not offer refunds or exchanges because your orders did not meet a deadline and we do not offer compensation based on lost revenue due to these unforeseen circumstances. If  you are making products to sell, we recommend keeping a stock of materials on-hand to ensure you do not encounter this issue. We always have and always will honor our commitment to get you the products you have ordered as quickly as possible, but unfortunately, unforeseen things do happen that cause delays on a small percentage of orders. 

My tracking is showing ‘pre shipment’. What does this mean? 

Your tracking link will show ‘pre shipment’ from the time your shipping label is created until the first scan your package receives from the carrier. All of our packages are picked up by our local post office each morning, however, this does not mean they scan it in a timely manner. It has been our experience, especially since the onset of COVID, that carriers fail to scan packages once received from us which makes the package look as though it has not yet been shipped.  We do not print labels and hold packages in our warehouse. UPS packages are hand delivered at the end of each business day. If you do not see a scan on your package within 3-5 business (Monday-Friday) days, we recommend reaching out to USPS to locate that via your tracking number. To avoid this all together, we recommend using UPS as your shipping carrier as we have confirmed they complete origination scans. 

My package says delivered, but it’s not here. Can you help me? 

Sometimes USPS carriers will scan packages as delivered prior to leaving the facility for their delivery route. This means that it will show ‘delivered’ but will be delivered later during the day. Please allow 1 business day for it to arrive. Sometimes your package is too large for your PO Box and/or mailbox. When this happens, the postal carrier will likely leave your package at an ‘alternate location’ and may or may not note this information in your tracking history. Please check places such as the ground next to your mailbox, your porch/door area, and any package receptacles you have put in place. Your carrier may also leave or return your package to the front desk of your local post office for in person pick up.

After you have contacted your local post office and are still unable to locate your package, you will need to begin the claims process with Route shipping. If you chose not to have Route shipping we are not responsible for lost, stolen, delivered and not located or damaged packages. We can't express how important it is these days to add insurance when the post office is your carrier.

My package was damaged. Will you replace it? 

We realize your mail is important to you and that you have every right to expect it to be delivered in good condition. Although every effort is made to prevent damage to the mail, occasionally this will occur because of the volume and methods utilized by carrier services to expedite the distribution process. 

Unfortunately, we do not work at or for any mail carrier service and are not responsible for damages made to your package during shipment. We encourage all of our customers to opt for the Route Shipping nsurance in the event that a rare occurrence occurs of damage occurs. 

How do I file a claim with USPS? 

If your shipping class includes insurance, you can file a domestic claim with USPS here:

How do I file a claim with UPS? 

You can file a domestic claim with UPS here:

How do I file a claim with Route Insurance?

If you have opted for route insurance during checkout, you can file a domestic claim after your USPS/UPS claim has been denied at this link:

My carrier claim and/or Route insurance claim was denied. Will you refund or replace my transfers? 

Unfortunately, we are not responsible for any loss caused during the shipping process and will not refund or replace transfers damaged and/or lost during the shipping process.