Temporary Tattoo FAQ

How can I get a custom temporary tattoo?

Custom temporary tattoos follow the same process as our custom transfers. You can read the guidelines for that process and place that request here. Just one request per design is needed: https://rusticgracecompany.com/products/mock-up-design-request Please select 'Temporary Tattoo' on the design option menu. 

What designs can be made into a temporary tattoo?

Due to their size, temporary tattoos need to be as much of a solid image as possible. EX: Circles, Megaphones, Large Letters.

Can I have glitter in my temporary tattoo? 

While we can create your temporary tattoo design file with glitter, it is difficult once printed to differentiate if the physical temporary tattoo has a glitter effect or not. Our transfers and temporary tattoos are printed and do not contain actual glitter or physically rough glitter material. 

How many temporary tattoos come on a sheet? 

Each temporary tattoo sheet has 25 temporary tattoos on it. 


What size are the temporary tattoos? 

Our temporary tattoos are approximately 1-1.5" wide and proportionally tall. 

How do I apply these temporary tattoos? 

  • Cut out the tattoo from the sheet
  • Peel off the glossy foil.
  • Position the tattoo face down on clean and dry skin.
  • Soak the tattoo with a damped sponge until soaked.
  • Apply light pressure to the tattoo.
  • The tattoo is ready to be peeled off when it can be slid away without using much force.

Where can I apply these temporary tattoos? 

We recommend avoiding application of temporary tattoos to areas that become sweaty or oily, flex/stretch/move, and may rub against clothing.

*Finished color of temporary tattoos can vary upon application to various skin tones. Temporary tattoos are TEMPORARY. Rustic Grace does not guarantee application and/or longevity.*