Transfer FAQ

What type of transfers do you offer? 

Rustic Grace offers made to order HTV (Heat Transfer Vinyl), made to order Digital Laser & a ready to ship selection of Screen Print Transfers. 

What is the difference between the transfers you offer? 

-HTV (Heat Transfer Vinyl): Our HTV transfers are single layer vinyl sandwiched between the manufacturer backing and high tack mask, printed in house (Texas/USA). Our vinyl is 3.1 mils thick with a semi gloss finish. While thinner, HTV transfers sit on top of the fabric like screen print transfers and do not press into the fabric like sublimation transfers. The customization and vibrancy available in HTV is unmatched. These transfers are made to order. 

-Digital Laser: Our digital laser transfers are single layer on a film front, printed in house (Texas/USA). Digital laser transfers are composed of toner married to an adhesive. Our digital laser transfers vary in thickness but are comparable to our HTV transfers in that manner. These are offered in select designs that would be difficult for our HTV machines to create. Colors are more muted than HTV colors. These transfers are made to order. 

-Screen Print: Our screen print transfers are single layer on a paper front, outsourced (USA). Screen Print transfers are composed of plastisol ink and are the thickest transfer we offer. Colors and designs are limited to listed in stock options. 

What size are the transfers? 

Our HTV and digital laser transfers are sized proportionally based on width and are, on average, as follows: 

-Pocket Size: 4” Wide

-Onesie: 5” Wide 

-Toddler: 7” Wide 

-Youth: 9” Wide (Recommended for t-shirt sizes Youth S - Adult XS)

-Adult: 11” Wide (Recommended for t-shirt sizes Adult S - Adult L)

-Adult XL: 12” Wide (Recommended for t-shirt sizes Adult XL - Adult 4X)\

Screen Print transfers are 12”x12” or 9”x11.5”. 

What can I use to apply these transfers? 

Our transfers are best applied using a digital readout heat press, however, they have been successfully applied with a traditional heat press. While we have had customers apply our transfers with Cricut Easy Press (HTV Only) and conventional iron, we do not recommend it for wash wear and longevity. If you choose to use an iron, please watch this video prior to application:

How do I apply these transfers? 

We provide pressing and washing instructions with every package we ship out as well as on each individual product listing. After acclimating your transfers for 24 hours, the instructions are as follows:

HTV Transfer Application:

Can be applied to Cotton, Uncoated Polyester and Poly-Cotton Blends

-Set your heat press to high pressure at 300 degrees.

-Peel the plastic backing from your HTV transfer and place it on your shirt.

-Cover with a Teflon sheet and press for 15 seconds.

-Remove Teflon sheet and peel off transfer tape while hot.

-An additional press covered with a Teflon sheet for 10 seconds is ideal.

Digital Laser Transfer Application:

Can be applied to 100 % Cotton, 50/50 Blend and Polyester

-Set your heat press at 265-275 degrees. Depending on your heat press, the temperature can differ.

-Pre-press your garment to remove any moisture.

-Position your digital laser transfer where you would like on your shirt.

-Cover your transfer with a piece of parchment paper or Teflon sheet.

-Press for 45-50 seconds at MAX pressure.

-Lay t-shirt aside and let cool. (DO NOT PEEL TRANSFER OFF UNTIL ABSOLUTELY COLD).

-Once cold, peel transfer off like a bandaid.

-Place t-shirt back on the heat press for your finishing press.

-Cover with parchment paper, Teflon sheet or finishing mat.

-Press a second time for 20 seconds.

Screen Print Transfer Application:

-Set temperature at 330 degrees.

-Preheat garment for a few seconds to remove moisture from fabric. This allows better adhesion of the polymer to the fabric.

-Place the transfer FACE DOWN in the desired position and press under heavy pressure for 15 seconds.


Are there special washing instructions for garments pressed with your transfers? 

Yes. We provide pressing and washing instructions with every package we ship out as well as on each individual product listing. The instructions are as follows:

HTV Transfer Washing

-Wash in cold water, inside out and hang to dry only. 

-No fabric softener or harsh detergents

Digital Laser Washing

-Wash in cold water, inside out and hang to dry only. 

-No fabric softener or harsh detergents 

Screen Print Washing

-Wash in cold water, inside out and hang to dry only. 

-No fabric softener or harsh detergents. 

What color fabric can I apply the transfers to? 

Any color! HTV Transfers will appear brighter due to how they are printed versus any other transfer method. Please keep this in mind when ordering if you want a bright vivid color. 

I’m having trouble peeling my transfers. Can you help? 

Temperature and humidity variations your packages experience during transit can be problematic during application. We recommend acclimating your transfers for 24-48 hours, prior to attempted application. Please review these two videos for assistance in troubleshooting these issues. Rustic Grace is not responsible for any errors made during the transfer application process. Please review all the instructions available before applying your transfers.

How to Peel/Press:

Transfer Sticking to Backing:

My transfer has white in it. How can I fix this? 

Our transfers are custom handmade products and thus are not perfect. There are occasionally pieces that are not weeded out during the weeding process as well as having a slight white trim around the image. This is part of HTV transfer production. You can solve this issue by peeling the backing off and using your weeding tool to remove white that was missed during the weeding process. 

Is the transfer glitter ‘real’ or rough?

No. Our transfers are single layer and printed. The glitter is also printed and smooth in the same way the solid color parts of the design are. 

Can I use these transfers more than once?

All of our transfers are single use. You can not press it on to more than one garment. 

How can I place a custom transfer request?  

You can read the guidelines for our custom process as well as place those mock up request(s) here: