Transfer FAQ

What type of transfers do you offer? 

Rustic Grace offers direct to film heat transfers.  A direct to film heat transfer for t-shirts is a printing technique where a design is printed onto a special film using a digital printer. The film is then placed onto the t-shirt and heat is applied, causing the design to transfer onto the fabric. This method allows for high-quality, detailed prints with vibrant colors. It is the latest technology method in giving a thin feel for a heat transfer as well as washes well.

What can I use to apply these transfers? 

Our transfers are best applied using a traditional heat press. While we have had customers apply our transfers with household iron, we do not recommend it for wash wear and longevity.

How do I apply a direct to film heat transfer? 


Are there special washing instructions for garments pressed with your transfers? 

The instructions are as follows:

DTF Transfer Washing

-Wash in cold water, inside out and hang to dry only. 

-No bleach fabric softener or harsh detergents.

- It is always best to hang dry or low heat tumble dry.

What color fabric can I apply the transfers to? 

Any color of fabric!

Why is there a rainbow strip on my DTF Transfer?

This strip comes from the DTF printing process and how the printer lines up the prints when they are printed and can be peeled off. If there is any excess left you can trim the area.

Is the transfer glitter ‘real’ or rough?

No. Our direct to film heat transfers are all printed with a glitter effect not rough glitter. If you would like DTF glitter you can email us with your order. The pricing is as follow for single transfer printed with DTF Glitter. 

Can I use these transfers more than once?

All of our transfers are single-use. You can not press it on to more than one garment. 

How can I place a custom transfer request?  

You can read the guidelines for our custom process as well as place those mock up request(s) here: